Coro Vivo Ottawa can be contacted by mail and phone.

General inquiries

For general information please contact us at:

Email: cvo@corovivoottawa.ca

Mailing address:

Coro Vivo Ottawa
P.O. Box 47051
Ottawa, ON
K1B 5P9

Artistic Director

You can contact Coro Vivo Ottawa's artistic director at:

Email: director@corovivoottawa.ca

Memberships / Auditions

For membership information or to request an audition and inquire about scheduled audition times, please contact Diane Goldenberg or Gary Yates at:

Email: membership@corovivoottawa.ca

Phone: 613-745-6259 (audition requests)


To inquire concerning tickets please contact us at:

Email: tickets@corovivoottawa.ca

Phone: 613-841-3902 (tickets)

Support Us

Sponsorship and donation

For more information on sponsorship, please contact Ron Robin at:

Email: ronald.robin@sympatico.ca

Phone: 613-260-7945

Music library

Coro Vivo Music Library

For information on renting from the choir's music collection, contact our librarian at:

Email: amlaf@msn.com


To inquire concerning publicity please contact us at:

Email: publicity@corovivoottawa.ca

Hire the choir

To book a performance by Coro Vivo Ottawa please contact us at:


Coro Vivo Charitable Registration Number: 865866990RR0001

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